Join the FedEx Ground Independent Contractor Network

The transportation industry has a long history of working successfully with independent contractors, and it’s no different at FedEx Ground. Through our predecessor company, FedEx Ground has enjoyed a successful working relationship with independent contractors for nearly 25 years.

Today, FedEx Ground contracts with nearly 9,000 small businesses that are owned and operated by entrepreneurs who value independence and innovation and apply their own management skills to operate successful businesses.

In the U.S., there are three ways small businesses contract with FedEx Ground:
  • Pickup and Delivery contractors own or lease their delivery vans and are responsible for business-related expenses, including vehicle payments, fuel, taxes, insurance and vehicle maintenance.
  • Linehaul contractors haul packages on the “long-haul” routes between FedEx Ground hubs. These contractors provide their own power units (tractors) and FedEx Ground provides the trailers. They are responsible for business-related expenses, including payments on their power units, fuel, taxes, insurance and vehicle maintenance.
  • Independent Service Providers (ISPs) are incorporated small businesses that contract with FedEx Ground to provide Pickup and Delivery services under an ISP Agreement. Since its initial launch in New Hampshire, the ISP Model has been launched in Maryland, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachusetts, Montana, Minnesota, Illinois, Connecticut, Maine, Missouri, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Delaware and Mississippi.