Station Saint Johns - Defined Service Area

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Pickup and Delivery


Whitbourne, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Available Opportunities: 1


Join other businesses as a contracted service provider to FedEx Ground. This business opportunity offers an established customer base, outstanding revenue potential and potential opportunities for growth, backed by the power of the FedEx brand.

Contracted businesses are an important link to both residential and commercial FedEx Ground customers. These businesses pick up and deliver packages within service areas through agreements that provide operational flexibility and earnings potential. Profits are determined largely by the business’s success in the planning and execution of its day-to-day operations and ability to meet customer demands, including volume surges such as during Peak season.

Contract Terms

FedEx Ground contracts with independent businesses that are established as corporations under state/provincial law in the U.S. or Canada. Businesses must be registered and remain in good standing in the states/provinces in which they are incorporated and in which they conduct business.

Pursuant to the agreements with FedEx Ground, contracted service providers are responsible for, among other things, the following:

  • Employer-related expenses, including wages, salaries, benefits, employment taxes, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation coverage, etc.
  • Recruiting and training their personnel
  • Maintaining payroll and employment records, and complying with all applicable local, state/provincial and federal laws (including wages, payroll deductions, overtime, rest and meal periods, etc.)
  • Employment policies and practices, including compensation for their employees and other personnel/staffing decisions
  • Supply, maintaining and managing vehicles and equipment
  • Preparing and maintaining a comprehensive safety program to ensure safe operations
  • Managing their day-to-day operations to achieve the contracted-for results, including daily activities, route design, delivery sequence, and the means to meet customer expectations and demands

Additional Information

Zip / Postal Codes serviced: 

Full: A0B0A1 A0B0A2 A0B0A3 A0B0A4 A0B0A5 A0B0A6 A0B0A7 A0B0B1 A0B0B4 A0B0B6 A0B0B7 A0B0B8 A0B0C1 A0B0C2 A0B0C3 A0B0C5 A0B0C8 A0B0C9 A0B0E1 A0B0E2 A0B0E4 A0B0E5 A0B0E6 A0B0E8 A0B0E9 A0B1A0 A0B1B0 A0B1C0 A0B1E0 A0B1G0 A0B1J0 A0B1K0 A0B1L0 A0B1N0 A0B1P0 A0B1R0 A0B1S0 A0B1T0 A0B1V0 A0B1X0 A0B1Z0 A0B2A0 A0B2B0 A0B2C0 A0B2E0 A0B2H0 A0B2J0 A0B2L0 A0B2M0 A0B2P0 A0B2S0 A0B2T0 A0B2W0 A0B2Y0 A0B3A0 A0B3B0 A0B3C0 A0B3E0 A0B3H0 A0B3J0 A0B3K0 A0B3L0 A0B3M0 A0BA0B A1Y

Average kilometers: 435


Average delivery stops (previous 12 months):   34

Average delivery packages (previous 12 months):   36


Average pickup stops (previous 12 months):   0

Average pickup packages (previous 12 months):   0

The mileage/kilometerage and stop and package volume information above represents an average and is provided for informational purposes only. This information is not, nor is it intended to project or represent current or future volume for this growth opportunity. Daily mileage/kilometerage and stop volume varies and the information is not intended to replace, supersede, or otherwise serve as the sole consideration for a business decision to submit an RFI response.

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