Hub Network

FedEx Ground operates the fastest and most automated hub network in the ground package shipping industry, offering speed, efficiency and reliability to customers.

Nearly 10 million packages daily travel through a network of more than 600 distribution hubs and local pickup-and-delivery stations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The FedEx Ground linehaul network is built on a “hub and spoke” network model.

  • Each of the 40 regional hubs are strategically located throughout the U.S. and Canada
  • Surrounding each hub — as if they are spokes on a wheel — are local stations (or satellites) that feed (and are fed by) the hub, and vice versa

Lifecycle of a package

The lifecycle of a package illustrates movement through the FedEx Ground network:

  1. Shipper (customer): Packages are picked up at a customer location in a local geographic area and transported to the local station by a service provider.
  2. Origin station: Packages that are picked up from local shippers are sorted for outbound transportation to a nearby hub.
  3. Origin hub: At the origin hub, packages are unloaded and sorted, with loads consolidated onto trailers according to destination hub for the efficient movement of packages.
  4. Destination hub: Trailers arrive at the destination hub, where packages are unloaded and sorted for transportation to the hub’s satellite stations.
  5. Destination station: Packages arrive at the destination station to be sorted for delivery in the station's service area.
  6. Recipient (customer): Packages are delivered to the intended commercial or residential customer.

Transportation services

The transport of packages between stations, hubs and customers is performed by independent businesses with which FedEx Ground contracts. These businesses agree to provide the following services:

  • Pickup and delivery (P&D): Using vans or small trucks, packages are picked up from shippers and transported to the local FedEx Ground station; and, from the destination station, they are delivered to business and residential recipients
  • Linehaul: Using tractors, trailers are pulled over-the-road from station to hub, hub to hub, and hub to station — and, in some cases, from customer locations to or from stations or hubs (“spotted trailers” or “spots”)
Network Hub
This graphic depicts the delivery network in a simplified form. Additional stops and steps in the process will apply in daily operations.

See Contracting with FedEx Ground for additional information.

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