Next Steps

If you think your business is the right fit for an open contracting opportunity, important steps, after contact with FedEx Ground, will include:

  • Ensuring your business can meet Contracting standards
  • Preparing a formal response to FedEx Ground’s Request for Information (RFI) — This RFI Response is a description of the business’s capabilities, experience and suitability, enabling FedEx Ground to evaluate the business’s ability to achieve results set forth in the agreement. 

FedEx Ground will evaluate the RFI Response in a number of categories, including the following, and may meet with business representatives to gain further understanding of the business and its capabilities:

  • Background/financial viability
  • Customer service approach
  • Current resources and capacity (equipment and employees) – and ability to expand during Peak season
  • Safety commitment and experience
  • Plans for handling pickups
  • Security (loss and damage avoidance)
  • Contingency situations
  • Legal compliance

A detailed RFI will be provided by FedEx Ground after preliminary discussions between the business and FedEx Ground.