Business Profiles

Thousands of businesses contract with FedEx Ground. Many have shared their stories of success and growth. Here are a few.

Recognition for outstanding service providers

FedEx Ground honors outstanding performance on the part of the independent businesses with which it contracts through several awards:

  • Entrepreneur of the Year — honors businesses that exemplify the spirit of entrepreneurship
  • Humanitarian — recognizes those who go above and beyond in promoting human welfare, particularly in life-threatening situations

George Mekheil, New GM Express, Inc.

Secaucus, N.J.

"I had a dream to start a business."

Anas Benyazed, BQ Express Inc.

Sacramento, Calif.

"There’s great potential in this business. I don’t see it doing anything but continuing to grow."

Saul Lerma, Lerma Transport Inc.

Yuma, AZ

“I always wanted to own my own business – FedEx gave me that opportunity”

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